Design and Engineering

Every complex project at ARVIN UZMAN begins with our Design Assist. In the design assist stage, the architect’s desires are refined and amplified to meet the client’s needs and to resonate with the metal processes offered by ARVIN UZMAN. Trained professionals translate the architect’s vision and scope by analyzing and amplifying the project to meet desired expectations.

Design Assist is also an opportunity to take projects further than envisioned. Diligent efficiencies and creative minds produce brilliant solutions during the collaboration of our designers, architects, artists, and engineers. ARVIN UZMAN's goal to exceed the expectations of our clients....

Fabrication/ Manufacturing

The Fabrication/Manufacturing division focuses on the custom needs of clients by actively participating in the design process and working to the exact customer specifications with the result being a high-quality, cost efficient end product.....


ARVIN UZMAN manages projects using a Design-Build Team approach. This system utilizes skilled and dedicated individuals from the various disciplines required for successful project execution and implementation. The Design Build Teams are staffed with an experienced project manager, project engineers, project operations leader and a field operations leader.....


Who we are

The organization is composed of three primary divisions:  Design and Engineering Services, Fabrication/Manufacturing and Installation.  These divisions are organized to better serve our broad and diverse customer base.  Each division works in unison to bring all facets of architectural metal to bear on our clients’ projects.  It is this depth of expertise and capability that truly sets us apart. ARVIN UZMAN’s goal is to work with our clients from inception to completion, adding value at each step, and ensuring an accurate and effective final product.

paintingThe painting division of the Arvin uzman Factory includes the Sand Blast, painting, and kiln divisions. The final painting greatly contributes to the appearance of the manufactured products and prevents oxidization. Therefore, it is a critically important step. As a result, our engineering group hands over final products with the highest paint quality available. To obtain that, the Arvin  uzman Engineering Group will sand and grid blast the metal piece and sheets to remove remaining oil layers from the metal surface – this gets the product ready for the final spray of paint. The process is carried out electrostatically and without direct involvement of human-powered sources inside the painting chamber. After painting is done, the pieces are directed to the kiln department where they will bake at the temperature of up to 200 degrees for a certain period of time.

Manufacturing metal parts is done in this division – operations includes cutting and bending metal. Technicians use the CNC Punch and CNC Laser devices to ensure cutting is executed perfectly. Similarly, high quality bending is achieved using the CNC Press Brake system.


The CNC laser improves overall production quality by increasing manufacturing speed and ensuring ultimate accuracy in measuring dimensions of metal products built by the device. The high-powered device reduces production time by offering the option of customizing the operation speed to meet specific project requirements and tight deadlines. The device also provides a very high level of production accuracy – observed deviation falls in the 0.1 to 0.01 range depending on parts’ thickness. Complex three-dimensional parts can also be cut and manufactured. The device is also simple to operate due to its full compatibility with Adobe AutoCAD.


The CNC Punch device ensures a high level of measurement precision and built accuracy – two crucial factors in manufacturing prototypes. This device’s features include:


  • Variation in methods of cutting sheets
  • Variation in available cutting tools
  • High speed cutting operation
  • Efficient cutting while minimizing scrap
  • Cutting sheets made of different materials such as coated and uncoated steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and brass.
  • Cutting sheets in different sizes (up to 1.25 meters in width, and 6 meters in length)
  • High precision cutting: 0.05 in longitudinal and rotational cutting
  • Capacity to connect to automatic robotic systems in feeding the sheets and lifting and returning the final product from and to the machine
  • Capability of virtually simulating cutting process in advance
  • Capability of loading custom programs onto the machine to increase efficiency and productivity

press-brakePrecise bending of sheets when cutting ensures accurate measurements, and is crucial to success in the industry. The 125-ton bending machine with the capacity of operating in 6 different axis bends metal sheets in a wide variety of forms.

This bending machine features:


  • Bending sheets made of different materials
  • Bending sheets up to a thickness of 5mm
  • Bending sheets up to 3m long
  • High precision bending operations (0.05 in different lengths)
  • Simultaneous multiple bending jobs on one piece in order to improve production efficiency
  • Simulation of the bending process before its implementation

paintingChoosing the best sand blasting process is of critical importance for our projects. In addition to the type of the process, acquiring the best equipment is important for minimizing the pollutants and properly choosing the size of the sand pieces.

The sand blasting process is carried out using different materials such as Cilice Gravel, Iron Grid and Aluminum Oxide. Each one of these elements prepares the surface by offering unique painting qualities, as well as a glazing finish.

The 6x4x6m sand blasting room allows manufactured parts to be grid-blasted in high quantities and in appropriate sizes. Having the grid particles in proper sizes will produce a suitable surface for painting and glazing. The perfect sizing of grid particles will also minimize environmental damages.

Quality-ControlThe foundations of Arvin Uzman Industrial group for reaching its future goals are based on 3 main principals: customer care, quality differentiation, and flawlessly unique production. Reaching these goals would not be possible without assistance of an expert quality control team. The team helps our organization by following domestic and international standard codes, and by keeping up with the global trends of the industry. The team members play an active role in all production phases and they try to overcome all the barriers using well-tested algorithms used by other similar well-known corporations in the industry.

technical-officeThe technical and design division of each factory is amongst the most important sections in the production process. Speed, precision, innovation, and the use of updated special software in this department will lead to high quality final products and causes the production process to continue smoothly. This department designs and prototypes high-precision and high-quality parts using advanced software programs such as AutoCAD, CATIA, and SolidWorks. After the design stage, prototypes would be sent to production.

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